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Central Station

Our In-House Central Station

You are looking at our UL-Listed Central Monitoring Station!

With our newly upgraded monitoring software and VitalLink redundant signaling services, our operators are ready to respond to your needs.

We're very proud of this Central Station. As required to earn UL listing, this station delivers fully redundant coverage. A natural-gas-powered generator serves the entire suite to maintain continuity of service in the event of a power outage. (In industry terms, the equipment is "hot swappable," which means it can switch to backup systems without any interruptions in service.) Redundancy is maintained at all levels — in the phone system, in duty assignments for our technicians, and in duplicated connections through both fiber and cable.

In addition to our UL listing, our station is CSAA 5-Diamond certified and Factory Mutual approved.

Of course, your security needs go beyond the initial installation of equipment, and Security Service Company recognizes that. To meet those needs properly and fully, we man our station strictly with our own personnel. These are skilled, committed associates, hired by us, trained by us, and supervised by us.

No part of our Central Station work is subcontracted out. We reject the industry trend of "outsourcing" the single most important aspect of your security and peace of mind. Choose SSC, and you get the services of real people in a domestic Central Station — people who do an important job very well, for you and for us.

We invite our clients to call us or email us to arrange a visit, 800-232-2500 or

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